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  • June 24th 2021


    Dear All,
    We look forward to welcoming you to our virtual conference in Cork!
    We will be sending out reviews this week as we receive them. We would encourage as many authors, co-authors, colleagues and friends to register for our conference as soon as possible to facilitate planning.
    Many thanks for your continued support,
    The IMP 2021 Team
  • May 2nd 2021

    B2B Track at ANZMAC Conference 2021

    We invite you to submit papers that re-imagine business-to-business (B2B) marketing in new ways. Here is your opportunity to explore new conceptualizations, new concepts and to step outside of the presumption that managers are simply information processors who optimize business systems.
  • April 26th 2021

    Obituary: Björn Axelsson 1948-2021

    Björn Axelsson 1948-2021
    On April 19, IMP lost one of its most experienced and competent B2B researchers.
    Björn presented his PhD thesis The rise and fall of the Wikmanshyttan steel works: A commentary on the approach in a company history study at Uppsala University in 1981. The thesis was a thorough examination of the fundamentals of Interaction Approach that was used to trace the interaction processes that impacted the evolution of a steel company for over a century. Already at that time Björn was an engaged member of the IMP Group, committed to developing the conceptual frameworks that marked the IMP research tradition and resulted in in the book Industrial Networks – A New View of Reality (1992), edited together with Geoff Easton and recently republished as one of ‘Routledge Revivals’.
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